August 16, 2018
The experiment

Immediately the four ingredients were available then the journey of life and creativity begins. You can see the rock, the sun, the sea, the moon, the ocean, the mountain, the oxygen, the soil, etc are the product of war and love between the ingredients


-The love between fire and air leads to water
- water neglect earth to cause drought.
-the wind troubles water to cause tsunami

At every stage, with required ingredients ratio, different new things evolve. As we have said earlier, in the hyper conscious space, the non conscious are the ingredients available for all other forms of consciousness to help them through their journey to full awareness.

The non conscious

Non conscious are always around, it has been before all other consciousness (not hyper conscious), it is around them, it is part of them, and even them itself. Sun itself is an example of non conscious, it photosynthesis the preconscious, it brings light to the universe, it is a source of energy when converted to electricity, it is very powerful, but it has no idea of how it come to be, until it is explore by the conscious.
The non conscious effect is independent, the modern conscious has explore more of the non conscious that they are manipulating it.

"the higher the consciousness the lower the spiritual manifestation"

The non conscious are so powerful and independent that the primitive conscious sometimes worship them. I want to tell you at this stage that, the higher the consciousness the lower the spiritual manifestation, but in this case of non conscious, the lower the consciousness, the higher the spiritual manifestation, that is why they were easily turn to gods.

"The non conscious are so powerful and independent that the primitive conscious sometimes worship them"


August 16, 2018
The instruments

With the help of the four essential ingredients the mould were carved. The mould is termed Non conscious ,it now left for the mould to mould other consciousness. This is so in other for the hyper conscious to achieve quickness, efficiency and unsupervised project. The mould can either mould dependently or independently.
If you are familiar with Automobile factories then you will agree with me that the automobile manufacturers need metals and iron as an ingredients and it is this same ingredients that will manufacture both the  robot and the car.

"when all deteriorate ,they will dissociate and return to their proprietary ingredients i.e their source."

Iron, robot and car are still the same thing ,they just transform or let say they reincarnate and when all deteriorate ,they will dissociate and return to their proprietary ingredients i.e their source.  Just like sedimentary rock, all ingredients involves will dissociate, air back to air, earth back to earth, heat back to fire and water back to water.

THE ELEMENTS OF CREATION (the ingredients)

August 16, 2018
The Ingredients

The essential ingredients are :-

1, Fire
2, Air
3, Earth
4, Water

These are the essential ingredients used by the hyper conscious, they were very powerful but they have no objection to the will of hyper conscious.


Fire is very powerful, it has different colour that indicate war and love ,at war it burn to earn respect, it strength depend on Air to blaze and also to be extinguished. In Temperament, Fire dominate, when Fire is controlled it melt and mix content but when it is not, it burn to ashes. It manifestation is heat.

Qualities of Fire

- fire always want to be above(sun)
- fire moves up
- yellow, red, green, blue. Fire may be of any colour.
- Temperamental identity of fire is Choleric
- scientifically called burner

- Air

it is also a very powerful ingredient, colourless but feel, Air moves freely around, you cannot touch but captured. Air may be of many form oxygen, nitrogen, etc. Every process and stages of reincarnation needs air. Air can be everywhere/anywhere. Air assist in creation and destruction. It manifestation is wind.

Qualities of Air

- Air always want to be with others
- Air gives freely
- Air moves
- Temperamental identity of Air is Sanguine
- scientifically called gas


Earth is the plane, it create space for activities, it is a place of rest for flying objects, immovable, solid and independent. It is habitable, it is above, below and in, it is the home of most reincarnated product of other ingredients, it is earth, it manifestation is stone that decomposed into soil.

Qualities of Earth

- Earth arbours water (ocean,sea)
- it evolves
- Temperamental identity of Earth is melancholy
- scientifically called core

- Water

Every other ingredients are available but immediately after water was discovered, reincarnation begins. Water is liquid so it mixed content, it move object, it is dangerous when needed , it is calm. It can be controlled, it earthly friendly, it always want to be with earth, it manifestation is life.

Other qualities of water

- Temperamental identity of water is phlegm
- scientifically called h20

The process of combining all these ingredients in random ratio is known as reincarnation while the product of these, is term as Non conscious. At this stage I will gladly tell you that it is only hyper conscious that know how the ingredients were formed while it is the ingredients that reincarnate to be the Non conscious.  In the next article we will be discussing what non conscious are.

                "The process of combining all these ingredients(fire,air,earth,water) in                  random ratio is known as reincarnation while the product of these, is term as                         Non  conscious.''

In conclusion, you will all agree with me that to achieve anything in this universe, earth, fire, water and air ,at a certain ratio will be needed and that is applicable to all being.
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August 05, 2018
Just like every stories, every assignments, every project or every actions, there must be a space to sit ,to work, to fly and to do others. My friend ,am telling you that the first meaningful existence is the one we understand later to be the hyper conscious and for a perfect hyper consciousness there must be a space for it to manifest it actions, it projects, it experience, it wisdom ,I mean it universe. Let imaging the hyper conscious is an artist and the space is a sheet of paper ,the hyper conscious will want to manage the sheet, position the content well on the sheet as well as making sure that some of the content are dependant and some are not.
It is that unknown force that pulls everything that is going up down. Therefore, in all planets the gravity varies ,it is the gravity in the planet earth that allows us to use a great effort to jump and not to levitate. It is gravity that allows rain to fall downward. Therefore ,in a universe owned by an hyper conscious ,there may be some planet that project were suspended, some that work is going on and some that work will be carried on later, example of the planet that work is being carried on presently is Earth. Other planets are still in the verge of whether there will be water or whether water is not the major source of life there , I mean whether fire is the source of life there. In the planet earth, although we use other elements like fire ,air,earth but water is still the major source. Their are some believe that some unknown creations survives in fire instead of water. I want you to know that there is never a plane in the universe except on the planet and  the  perfect calculated gravity enables the planet to bubbles in the space.
There is always a bridge of forgetfulness between hyper conscious and Non conscious, that is why the Non conscious were not aware of anything, some believe that the ingredient are the waste from the hyper conscious and dispose them anytime they want ,while some believe they are just the ingredient I.e elements of creation or existence. The hyper conscious have every capacity to know the product of the reincarnated ingredient while the reincarnated ingredient may or will never be aware of the hyper conscious.
We all understand that the ingredients used by the hyper conscious are the elements of rebirth, creation, production, manufacturing, existence as well as reincarnation. They were very powerful but they have no objections to the will of the hyper conscious. The ingredients were so powerful that they also understand love and war and if love and war were the tools used by the hyper conscious, then FIREAIREARTH and WATER were the ingredient that bring about REINCARNATION.
The ingredients are:-
1- fire
2- air
3- earth
4- water
In the next articles we will shed more light on the ingredients.
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